Sunday, March 7, 2010

We can't honestly say what we like better...eating or making the food. We are not chefs, or cooks for that matter, but the one thing that makes us happy, removes stress and gives us something to do while drinking wine, is to cook.
It might be the satisfaction of making something for someone that they genuinely like. It could be as simple as a sandwich for our family, or something as challenging as cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people. We don't profess to be great at it, but we think that the more we do it the better we have become.
Which leads us to this blog. What we are is a couple of dad's and husbands that like nothing more than cooking great dinners no matter whether its Saturday night with friends or Monday after a long day of work. What we hope to do is show how much we love to cook and how we go about it. Maybe it will inspire someone that has never cooked a meal for a friend or their family to think about it.
We'll see......